Looking for a great gift idea?  Idaho Canvas Products offers a variety of unique products that will certainly fill the need.
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 Mesh Pocket Organizer  24" Wide x 36" High, 8 storage pockets $ 49.95 ea.  
Heavy duty mesh pocket organizer. (2) pockets 12" w x 12" H, (2) pockets 12" w x 10" H x (4) pockets 6" w x 7" H.
Reinforced top corners with brass grommets for hanging on wall or door. 16oz vinyl coated mesh fabric, black.

 Cotton Canvas Pastry Cloth 20"x24"   $14.90 ea.  
In the old days, many bakers used the reverse side of an  oil-cloth as a surface
to roll out their dough. Use our cotton canvas pastry cloth on a kitchen counter,
kitchen table or conventional board. Rub some flour into the weave and proceed
to knead and roll out your dough. The best way to ensure tender pie crust!
Prepare dough with the lightweight canvas Pastry Cloth and you'll use very
little additional flour, which can toughen pastry. Just rub a little flour into the fibers
to make each piece an excellent non-stick surface. Clean cloths thoroughly before
storing in freezer, so that no fat residue remains to affect the flavor of future doughs.  
Provides 20-in. x 24-in. of rolling surface.  Try these pie pastry techniques

 Canvas Log Carrier 24"x 60"  $29.95 ea.  
Handy canvas log carrier allows you to easily carry 6-8 chopped logs into your home without the hassle and mess.  
Helps protect your carpets and furniture from dirt and dings from dropped logs.  Sturdy, 7/8" aluminum handle grips included.

 Canvas Saddle Bags 12" x 15" pockets  $89.95 ea.  
Sturdy canvas saddle bags allow you to strap your load on for packing or storage.

  Canvas Water Bucket 11" Diameter x 12" High $ 29.95 ea.  
These unique collapsible buckets are great around the house or camp. Compact collapsible bucket design makes these
perfect for backpacking and camping. Heavyweight canvas bucket can carry water, fruit, feed, tools... you name it.

 Heavy canvas, multi pocket, hanging wall storage  $89.95 ea.  
Size (46" W x 15" H)  Great for storing your gear, ammo, clothing, or any item you would like to keep dry.  
Easily attaches to wall tent frame or side walls with metal spring clips.

 Heavy vinyl, four pocket, hanging wall storage  $79.95 ea.  
Size (48" W x 16" H)  Great for storing your gear, ammo, books and miscellaneous stuff.  
Easily attaches to any wall or behind the seat in your truck.

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