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Idaho Canvas Products offers a wide selection of mid to heavy weight shop divider curtains.  These custom, hanging divider curtains are ideal for partitioning off your warehouse or work space or for containing heat, dust or moisture.  Divider curtains are excellent for creating a barrier for minimizing heat loss or gain within your shop, garage, or warehouse.  Available in both Fire and Non Fire Resistant.

Divider curtains are made of either a 12 mil thick, 7 oz. per sq. yard Polyethylene or a 13oz vinyl laminated polyester.  Available in both Fire and Non Fire.  All curtains have reinforced hems on all sides and have brass grommets approximately 12" apart across the top for hanging.  A 4" pocket hem is sewn along the bottom side for weight inserts or metal chain if necessary.  All you have to provide and install is a steel cable from which you can hang the divider curtain and the steel shower curtain rings to attach the curtain to the steel cable or purchase our  Roll TRAC mounting system.

To determine which panel size you need, identify the best location and height for mounting the steel cable in your shop.  Measure from the attachment point of the cable in the wall of your shop to the floor.  This is the panel height size you will need.  Measure the span of the cable from one mount point to the opposite mount point in your shop.  This is the panel width size you will need.  It is always a good idea to install a "turn buckle" at the attachment point of the cable on one side of your shop so that the tension on the cable can be increased to minimize sag of the shop curtain.  Two separate divider curtains can be hung on the same cable to allow for a center door opening if desired.  A center support may be needed to support the steel cable in the center.  These curtain dividers can easily slide on the steel cable allowing you to completely open up your shop if desired.  Curtains can also be installed on a roller track system. For curtain roller operation, see information on our Roll TRAC curtain hanging system at Roll TRAC

Choose from the above divider curtain types for additional information and pricing.

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