RV Awning Accessories



 Does your old RV awning look like this?  Fabric cracked and delamintated?

Protect your roll out RV awning from harmful UV damage.   RV awnings are constantly exposed to the damaging effects of weather and sunlight.  On the average, most RVs are used only 2-3 weeks out of the year and the rest of the time the RV sits stationary and uncovered.  The constant exposure to the hot sun in the summer and freezing ice in the winter causes the outer fabric wrap of the RV awning to degrade and de-laminate. It basically rots the outside fabric layer away while the remaining fabric wraps underneath remain in good condition.  The awning fabric can be repaired by cutting off the bad fabric, replacing it with new fabric. and then re-installing.  A costly and difficult repair or the entire RV awning fabric must be replaced.


Our RV Awning Protector can easily be installed on all standard styles of spring loaded, roll out RV awnings.  Adjustable straps and metal cinch buckles easily hold the cover in place. The RV protector keeps the harmful UV rays and damaging weather off of the RV awning fabric, thus protecting it and prolonging its life.  The protector wrap is designed to be used while your RV is parked or stored.  Not intended to be driven with while installed.  The protector wrap should be removed before traveling.

Standard Heavy Duty RV Awning Protector Wrap
88" long   SPECIAL  
100" long   SPECIAL  
112" long   SPECIAL  
124" long   SPECIAL  
136" long   SPECIAL  
148" long   SPECIAL  

160" long   SPECIAL  
172" long   SPECIAL  
184" long   SPECIAL  
196" long   SPECIAL  
208" long   SPECIAL  
220" long   SPECIAL  

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