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Traditional Canvas Wall Tent

The traditional wall tent, sometimes called a cabin tent, has a history and a legacy as old as our great country.  A traditional wall tent provided shelter from the most severe elements for our early pioneers, trappers, miners, and hunters. With all of today's fancy campers and motor homes, the interest still remains in the lore of "real camping".  The use of a wall tent contributes to this feeling.  We like to think of it as a step back to unhurried times, a reflection of Grandpa's stories of how it used to be, cowboy coffee, beans-n-bacon, and tall tales around the camp fire. The wall tent has passed the test of time, with families handing down tents from one generation to another, along with precious memories.

Idaho Canvas offers only grade-A, cotton duck canvas. The treatment on the cotton canvas is applied at a USA finishing plant and provides a treated canvas that is fire-retardant to California Marshall fire specifications with water-proofing and mildew inhibitors.  New and innovative designs ensure the highest standards of construction, materials and comfort.     Available in natural canvas color only.

Idaho Canvas has teamed up with Montana Canvas to offer a wall tent selection with old-fashioned quality but built for today's tough applications. Extremely rugged, canvas tents are ideal  for any base camp or expedition -- for any hunter, herder, or scout needing a durable and dependable shelter. Each tent is made one at a time,  without compromise in materials and quality.  With over 125 years of combined knowledge in wall tent design and manufacturing, we can supply a tent that will out last the competition.

Idaho Canvas Products offers complete in-house service for your wall tent. We have a complete stock of spare parts and can provide quick service on minor repairs.
Fabric used is 100% cotton canvas 10oz natural, treated for water, mildew, and fire resistance. A tough, long lasting, yet flexible fabric. Easy to clean and resists fading, rot, and structural weakening from prolonged exposure to the sun and other damaging elements.  Water, soil, mildew, and fire resistant to CPAI-84 standards.
All canvas wall tents offered by Idaho Canvas Products are warranted against defects of workmanship and materials. Any defect found in our wall tents will be repaired or the tent replaced within 90 days of purchase (at the discretion of Idaho Canvas Products) without charge.  This warranty may be voided if cleaning or treatment agents or compounds that have not been approved for use by Idaho Canvas Products have been used. This limited warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, misuse, accidents, or damage incurred during transport.  This warranty applies only to new products sold at retail value and to the original purchaser.
CA, LA, MA, MI, MN, NY and NJ are states that require any tent shipped to their state, or set up within their state meet the CPAI-84 fire resistant code.

Standard Wall Tent package pricing:
$1,160.00   10' wide x 12' long x 5' wall x 8' 11" center peak height

$1,260.00 12' wide x 14' long x 5' wall x 8' 11" center peak height  

$1,370.00 12' wide x 17' long x 5' wall x 8' 11" center peak height  

$1,490.00 14' wide x 17' long x 5' wall x 10' center peak height  

Each standard wall tent package includes:
5" oval stove jack with flap installed in roof front left side.
Bottom perimeter poly sod cloth installed
One screened window with inside zipper flap installed in rear wall
One zipper front door with flap installed in front wall with buckles.
All eve ropes, tensioners, and bottom perimeter stake loops installed
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Wall Tents Tips

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Canvas tents are not really 100% waterproof. Capillary action makes the water too big to fit through the small holes in the weaving. But if something like a finger or even a tent pole touches the tent in the right spot, the surface tension is disturbed and water begins to flow through the fabric.  Another reason a tent may leak is because as it gets older, the holes where it was stitched together have stretched and become larger, allowing water in through the holes. Other reasons may be leaky zippers and small rips in the canvas.

It is highly recommended that you use a quality POLY RAIN FLY over your tent.  When used regularly, a quality rain fly will protect your tent from UV, rain, dirt and debris, tree sap, and will extend the life of the fabric.  Our rain flys are made from a heavy, white, 12 mil polyethylene reinforced fabric.  Our rain flys allow for 12" drip flaps on the lower wall sides and a 3" drip flap on the overcast peak sides.  Rain flys have reinforced rope hems in the lower wall sides with grommets set at 24" spacing, and grommets on the tent overcast peak sides at 60" spacing.  Rope and tensioners for the rain flys are not included. A stove jack can be installed in a rain fly but is not included as a standard option.  Extended length poly rain flys can also be used as an entryway porch cover.

Idaho Canvas Products offers MESH GROUND TARPS to use as a ground floor covering inside your canvas wall tent.  The mesh ground tarps are made of a heavy, 11x11 thread count, PVC coated polyester mesh with a 70% closed rating.  Using the heavy PVC mesh fabric as a ground tarp allows the small dust and dirt particles to fall through and not collect on the floor, keeping the inside of your tent cleaner.  The mesh fabric also allows water from foot traffic, spills, and rain to also fall through and not puddle on the floor inside your wall tent.  The heavy PVC mesh fabric is very durable and allows for a non skid surface to walk on.

(Allow 8-10 weeks for delivery)

12 mil Polyethylene, white, Fire resistant (does not include a Stove Jack).  If needed, add a stove jack installed in the rain fly under optional features
11x11 per inch thread count, weather resistant open MESH fabric, PVC coated. Black. Lets the small dirt, dust, and water drops fall through.   Easily cleanable.
10x12   $194.00
UV / Fire Treated
10x12   $198.00

12x14   $271.00
UV / Fire Treated
12x14   $256.00

12x16   $312.00

UV / Fire Treated
12x16   $291.00

Features galvanized steel legs poles, ridge poles, and rafter poles for maximum durability against a heavy snow and strong winds.
Simple construction techniques using wooden poles to set up your wall tent

Store your clothes and small gear inside your wall tent with a heavy canvas, multi pocket, hanging wall storage pouch.  
$89.95    Size (46" wide x 15" high).  Great for storing your gear, ammo, clothing, or any item you would like to keep dry.  Easily attaches to wall tent frame or side walls with straps and metal spring clips.

 STOVE PIPE TENT SHIELDS    Sale $72.00 each (Regular $85.00)
Stove pipe shield fabricated from silicone impregnated fiberglass and featuring an injection molded rubber gasket.  
Double layered for added protection.  800 degree F heat resistant.  Can easily be sewn into any wall tent.  
Available with oval hole for ceiling mount or round hole for wall mount.   Available for 5" and 6" diameter stove pipes.

 Heavy poly tent storage bag with drawstring  ORDER

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