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Protect your Tires! Quality, blank, single or dual, spare or axle mount tire covers made from a heavy gauge, reinforced vinyl fabric with an elastic cinch cord for a simple, tight fit. Our tire covers are offered in 7 popular colors in an assortment of sizes that will fit tires with a diameter of up to 48″ inches across. Our tire covers are completely water resistant, UV resistant, and wipe clean with a damp cloth. These are heavy duty, industrial tire covers and will last for many years.

Single, Spare Mount Tire Covers: Measure the actual widest diameter of your spare mount tire and then measure your actual spare mount tire’s depth. Do not pad your actual tire dimensions. Choose your spare mount tire’s actual diameter and actual depth dimensions from the choices listed below.

Single and Dual, Axle Mount Tire Covers: Measure the widest actual diameter of your truck’s single or dual axle mount tire and then measure your total single or dual tire’s actual depth. Do not pad your actual tire dimensions. Check the top height of the axle on the inside, backside. Choose your single or dual tire’s actual diameter, actual total depth, and actual back side drop height dimensions from the choices listed below.

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Safeguard Your Valuable Tires from Harsh Conditions

The Importance of Tire Covers

Tire covers offer essential protection for your tires in several ways:

UV Protection: Constant exposure to the sun can cause rubber tires to deteriorate, leading to cracks, dry rot, and a shorter lifespan. Tire covers provide a shield against harmful UV rays, helping to prevent sun damage and extending tire durability.

Weather Defense: Tire covers protect against various weather conditions like rain, snow, and hail. Continuous exposure to moisture can lead to tire rim corrosion and rubber degradation, while extreme cold can make the rubber harden and less flexible. By using tire covers, you create a barrier that helps mitigate the adverse effects of harsh weather.

Dust and Debris Prevention: When vehicles are parked for long periods, tires can gather dust, dirt, and debris, which can embed into the rubber and cause wear over time. Tire covers keep tires clean and free from such debris, preserving their condition.

Dry Rot Prevention: Dry rot occurs when tire rubber loses its elasticity and starts to crack due to exposure to oxygen and other environmental factors. Tire covers help minimize this exposure, reducing the risk of dry rot and maintaining the structural integrity of your tires.

Why Tire Covers Are Essential

Tire covers are vital for protecting your tires from the damaging effects of sunlight, weather, dust, and debris. They ultimately extend the lifespan of your tires and ensure optimal performance and safety on the road.

Idaho Canvas Tire Covers

Idaho Canvas provides high-quality, blank, single spare mount tire covers made from heavy gauge, reinforced vinyl fabric. Our covers are available in seven popular colors and various sizes to fit single spare tires with a diameter of up to 36 inches. These tire covers are water-resistant, UV-resistant, and easy to clean with a damp cloth. Designed for durability, they offer long-lasting protection.

We also offer custom axle mount tire covers for single and dual tires, with a diameter of up to 48 inches, suitable for haul trucks, semis, and heavy trailers. These covers protect your valuable tires and valve stems from harmful UV rays and chemicals. The axle mount tire covers are open at the bottom, allowing them to be slipped over the tires and secured with rope or bungee cords (not provided) while the tire remains mounted on the drive axle.

All our tire covers are made of 18oz. polyester reinforced vinyl, designed to protect exterior spare tires from dirt and sunlight. Our single spare mount covers feature a slip-on design with a heavy-duty 5/16″ elastic shock cord sewn into the outer hem, securely holding the cover in place. Available in blank, single colors for a clean, sharp look.

Available Colors: Black, White, Red, Blue, Green, Gray, and Tan.

Tire Cover Type *

Single, spare mounted tire (+$109.00), Single, axle mounted tire (+$119.00), Dual, axle mounted tires (+$129.00)

Actual Tire Diameter (width, side to side)

20 Inch Diameter, 21 Inch Diameter, 22 Inch Diameter, 23 Inch Diameter, 24 Inch Diameter, 25 Inch Diameter, 26 Inch Diameter, 27 Inch Diameter, 28 Inch Diameter, 29 Inch Diameter, 30 Inch Diameter, 31 Inch Diameter, 32 Inch Diameter, 33 Inch Diameter, 34 Inch Diameter, 35 Inch Diameter, 36 Inch Diameter

Actual Single Tire Depth (depth, front to rear)

8 inch depth, 9 inch depth, 10 inch depth, 11 inch depth, 12 inch depth, 13 inch depth, 14 inch depth, 15 inch depth, 16 inch depth, 17 inch depth, 18 inch depth

Fabric Color *

Black, White, Red, Blue, Gray, Green, Tan


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